01 January 2012

A Sweet Ending

I wrapped up 2011 in the kitchen.
In good company, I might add.

The Monkey and Tonto (the latter somewhat reluctantly) stayed
on the counter and supervised my soup making.
In late afternoon sunlight, amidst smiles and quiet laughter,
we sent 2011 off with a smile and a wave,
and briskly closed the door.

My new wall hook for my measuring spoons.
Freshly cooked and shredded chicken for warm coconut soup.
Small shifts in a constantly comforting space.

Shredded chicken in the soup-
shredded chicken for le kitten.

To deep breaths and fresh beginnings-
Wishing you a slow, peace-filled start to the new year.



  1. What a great year ending ritual, the nourishment of food, family and laughter of the old and new coming together. Yes ma'am, here's to a very deep breath, and an adventurous new beginning.

  2. Looks like you had some great assistants in the kitchen you little boy is adorable and so is his kitty, I told a friend who got a Boston for her daughters how good your Wilbur is with your son someone had told her they were mean. Have a wonderful and prosperous year.

  3. What sweet photos! I love your measuring spoon holder--very clever!

    Blessings to you for 2012.

  4. Happy New Year Jess....Monkey...and Tonto! The coconut soup with shredded chicken looks wonderful...and btw your little measuring spoon apparatus is very Rosy! Love to you ❤Sue

    ps....you win the darling photo's award for 2011 and more than likely 2012.

  5. Beautiful, thank you.
    And yum, coconut soup.

  6. love the measuring spoons and the holder!

  7. Happy New Year Lovely Lady
    that soup looks yum yum!!!
    the key holder is perrrrrr-fect

    love and light

  8. hey Jess! how have you been?
    I just wanted to write you a quick little note wishing you and yours a wonderful new year, filled with blessings and beautiful inspirations! hugs :)