16 February 2012

Away We Go

I haven't been here in awhile, have I?
I'm amazed at the time and how fast it's flying.

The summary on my life as of late?
We got a new house.
Not the barn-equipped beauty I've shared photos of before . . .
As much as I loved that place, I couldn't quite bite the proverbial bullet.
It was a matter of location-
the one thing I couldn't change.
{Location being the dictator of distance and security and school systems.}
We decided to wait-
and then this happened.

It's a foreclosure.
A lovely 1942 Cape Cod I pass every day on my way into the studio.
It's on over an acre in the city limits,
fully landscaped and private,
yet moments from the grocery and post office.
It's in the right town.
In the right county.
It's all quaint and character right down to the miles of overgrown
ivy and the statue of
Saint Francis out in the courtyard garden.

We took a leap of faith and placed a bid among several others,
and somehow--
we were accepted.
The house had been on the market for ten days.
I'm still stunned.

We close on March 5th.
Meanwhile, we still have to sell our current home.
{I realize the enormity of this task.}
So we're moving out this weekend to empty the place
for fresh paint, new carpet, cleaning and staging.
Until the closing,
we'll be staying with my in-laws.

Everything has moved so fast.
Yesterday had me close to tears for much of the day-
purely exhausted.
Excited. Emotional.
Stressed beyond recognition but over something so good,
I'm in awe that it's mine.
I spent my Valentine's Day night with Keith and beer and
chinese food, wrestling with a slew of packaging tape
and cardboard boxes,
laughing at the crayon scribble on the walls,
that odd blue thing stuck to the ceiling that we cannot
identify or even recall how it got there-
the first home we had together,
the last three years in this house.
And the start of a new chapter in the topsy turvy book called

I haven't found time to process it all.
I haven't found time to write you or say hello as I prepare
instead to say goodbye to what has been a roller coaster of
a last few years.
So off we go.
Into the arms of family until our Mustard Seed
is ready for us, and until then,
things might be a bit quiet around here,
though of course you'll still find me in the Etsy shop.
A girl has to pay the moving bills!

Wish me luck.
Wish me patience and resilience and the fortitude to see my decisions through to the end.
This is truly me abiding by that notion
that if our dreams don't scare us, they aren't big enough.
{I blame Pinterest for making me do crazy things, by the way.}

And you?
What's going on with you-
have you taken a hammer to your life as you know it this year?

I hope all is well in your world.
Thank you as always, for being a part of mine.

With love,


  1. That is one totally awesome Cape. Lucky you!! Excited for this new chapter in your life! Good luck with the move!

  2. All i gotta say is......HELL YEAH ROSY! GIT 'R DONE!

  3. Beautiful home, JJ!
    I hadn't visited your blog for a while. Reading through, just wanted to let you know to not give up on your dream of another baby. He or she may not come in the way you expected, but they can still come! I could not conceive but now have two beautiful children through adoption. I thank God every day for giving me the two children I was meant to have :)

  4. i love your line, " if our dreams don't scare us, they aren't big enough". i suspect a quotation is on its way. good luck with all the logistics and the boys. you are being brave all over again, for new and great things to come. xxoo. love. w.

  5. It's always bittersweet...leaving the old for the new...but taking a new and difficult step just might be the vitamin your soul needs to fully flourish...what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger....the saying goes. I love that you have a St. Francis welcoming you there...it looks like a sweet and sunny spot for your family tree to establish new root growth. Wishing you strength to get thru the coming weeks and some luck too! Hugs, Sue

  6. Congrats on your new home and the beginnings of a new chapter! Best of luck moving and selling your home!

  7. Yes :) a million times over yes :) I love you and I know this will be a journey into better and better things; hang in there as you transition!!! Xoxo

  8. Beautiful house - I'm sure you will make it a warm and loving home. Good luck with selling, packing, painting and all that good stuff.

  9. These words brought tears to my eyes, maybe because I "feel you", feel the excitement, the nerves, the sense of pride and reality in all these developments! I love your brilliant notion that if our dreams don't scare us they aren't big enough...I need to get that shit tattooed on my forehead!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and about that hammer...It made some changes on its own, and with that momentum, I am determined to swing that hammer and pund out some bigger changes on my own!

  10. wow
    this is huge
    and wonderful
    and such a gift
    the ouse is gorgeous ...and over an acre??? what a dream
    enjoy this for what it is JJ
    feel all the feelings
    sink into the experience
    all is well
    all is well

    and so damn exciting!!!!!

    much Love and Light

  11. Wishing you such joy as you turn the corner to walk down this new pathway in your life... may you find strength, grace, fortitude, and laughter to see you through! Much love.

  12. And in some odd moment of synchronicity, my Captcha code to publish the earlier comment was 'heredoor always'. Curiouser and curiouser... ;)

  13. What a beautiful house Sweetheart!!! You are going to shine even more in your new house and you have my best wishes and most positive thoughts!!! Load of love Beautifulxoxoxo

  14. Thank you everyone!

    As for the dreams remark, that they should be big enough to scare you- that was something I saw somewhere. Can't take credit for that . . . but sure can feel that way and pass along the sentiment.

    <3 and more.

  15. Congratulations and good luck! This is a gorgeous house that I am sure your talented heart and hands will make many times more beautiful! Enjoy! Celebrate! : )

  16. So happy for you! What a lovely new abode! Sending you and your family lots of love and light! I hope this new transition is a great one! And girl, take those dreams and fly with em'! xoxo

  17. That's awesome!! Congrats to you and your family JJ!! I can relate seeing as I moved myself and my family to the big city in a different province for a new, fantastic (dream) job opportunity!! Exciting times, I tell ya!! Best wishes on the move and on selling your house (we're in same boat!)! xoxoxo

  18. i wish you all the best. the house looks adorable.

  19. Thank you guys. What a difference support makes!

  20. Wow! Congratulations! What a pretty place. And that porch looks amazing. I know it's a lot to take in, but it's pretty exciting, too. Slow down and enjoy the adventure. I'm so happy for you. Hugs, darling.

  21. Charming house...wishing you all much happiness as you soon settle in. Sandy

  22. What a gorgeous beautiful home. I grew up in a Cape Cod, sadly not with the beautiful dormers yours has. How wonderful it will be to move in and to make it yours! Enjoy.

  23. This post is so beautiful. Gulp. Lump in my throat.

    Best wishes in your transition...
    and can't wait to see photos of your garden once you're settled and moved in. big hugs to ya!