20 February 2012

January GiveAway Winner

More than halfway through February,
I was reminded- thanks y'all-
that I had yet to draw a winner from January's
Customer Appreciation GiveAway.
Can you tell my mind is on the house?
Sorry for the delay!

The winning number for January's prize of a pair of
Rags & Tatters earrings is
Congratulations to you, 540123,
and thank you so much for your support!

{{If this ticket number isn't claimed by Friday,
I'll draw another ticket and we'll try this again.}}

As for February customers-
your tickets stubs have been/are being collected on this end,
and there will be a drawing in March.
The winner will receive a $50 shop credit and a Stand Firm Mug.
Details as to when the drawing will take place
will be posted closer to mid-March,
but to be honest with you-
right now I don't trust myself to remember a damn thing I say.
Transitional dementia, I think.

* * * * *

Things are moving along.
This past weekend, we moved everything out of the old house,
into storage or over to the in-laws.
We're living out of boxes for the next couple of weeks-
I did what I could this morning to get us a settled in
{as much as makes sense before we move again.}

Meanwhile, the painters showed up and the whole old place has
already been spackled, sanded and primed.
My historic homes color scheme has disappeared into a coat
of Kilim Beige, all soft, neutral and market-appealing.
I got a bit teary watching the layer of La Fonda House blue
slip away and out of sight. And that place where
Keith's foot came through the ceiling has been patched up.
The wood where the dogs chewed as puppies has been replaced.
The crayon scribble is gone.
Evidence of us is quickly disappearing.

A few final coats, a round of trim work,
new carpet and the moving of a few furniture pieces back in
for staging purposes,
and we should be done inside.
A fresh coat of mulch in my, no, THE flower beds
and bright blooms in the
front porch flower boxes, and we'll be done.
All by March 2nd, when the house goes on the market.

I continue to be a whirlwind of exhaustion and excitement,
sentimental for sure.
I can't sleep when I need to and want to sleep when I shouldn't.
I find me talking to myself- or someone who might be listening-
more and more throughout the day-
a sort of mindless babbling blend of

But it's alright-
I seem to be one of those who fares fairly well in chaos.
What's that Dorothy Parker once said?
They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.
Or something like that.
I say that now of course,
but we'll see how I am in a couple weeks.

No, honestly.
All is well.

Shop update on Wednesday night after my second round
of bleach at Marigold Parlour.
I haven't shown you pictures of round one, have I?
I'll always be a brunette soul,
but a wide chunk of pure white along one side is in motion.
I mean why not?
Maybe I'll get to taking photos for you this week.

I hope all is well, you.


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  1. So, you decided to get a new hairdo to go with your new home? I can't wait to see more of both. Living out of boxes sucks. But at least it's just for a few weeks.