24 February 2012

Of Daffodils

. . . abstractly speaking.

* * * * *

Daffodil Necklace I
{Sterling Silver, Citrine, Lemon Quartz, Quartz}

Fully adjustable up to 20" in length.
Loop the chain through the sterling hoop,
and clasp where you wish.

Daffodil Necklace II
{Sterling Silver, Yellow Opal, Lemon Quartz, Quartz}

(Yes, I'm multitasking- shooting a photo with one hand
& talking on the phone with the other. It's a busy time, what can I say!)

Spring is coming to the Etsy shop tonight!


  1. I love Daffodils! Gorgeous necklaces! I love the adjustable chain through the hoop...Brilliant!

  2. gorgeous!
    you are so gifted

    love and light

  3. These are stunning. Lovely work as always.