09 March 2012

Fresh Metal

Today is many things.
Including Friday.
And my 500th blog post.

My poor, poor neglected blog.
I cannot wait to be settled in a new house,
not living out of boxes,
and able to find the time to write again.
March 21st, we call it our own.

And returning to the present moment,
to today-
I give you a few fresh pieces.
The Stand Firm Necklace, a spin-off of the ring design, is in the Etsy shop now along with several made-to-order listings in different stones. I'd like to sheepishly acknowledge the significant price increase over the ring designs- but the cost of chain far exceeds the cost of sheet or stock. Necklaces are just more expensive to make. So. In case you find your eyebrows somewhere up in your hairline, wondering what on earth has gotten into Rosy,
that would be it.

There are also some MTO listings for Laurel Rings.
I've been so touched by the support for made-to-order listings in the shop as of late. I realize they aren't as gratifying as ready to ship items can be, but this route has given me a much needed rest in terms of creative output. It's exhausting trying to keep the juices flowing nonstop!

I think I must be more of a creative sprinter rather than a cross-country creative. Do you understand what I mean?

Tomorrow I go and shop, for the first time in my life, for appliances. I need an oven and a refrigerator.
A dishwasher too, but until I can afford that, I have a husband and two hands. The new house was a foreclosure,
far more room and land than we are used to-
it should have been far out our price range as well-
but the foreclosure thing landed it neatly in our wallet,
but it needs a lot of work.
And appliances.

I never thought I'd be excited about appliance shopping.
I'm *extremely* excited!
Did you know that there are refrigerators out there that have shelves that pop back so you can place tall items where you originally couldn't? Brilliant, I tell you. Oh, the things I'm learning . . .
(Oh hush, I know I'm a nerd.)

As for tonight,
I have soup to make.
And I've fallen hard for this Al Fresco chicken sausage in
Spinach and Feta or Roasted Garlic.
Have you tried it?
Love it on salad.
Might have to saute some of that as well.
My stomach is drowning out the sound of my typing . . .

I hope you're well, friends.
Have a lovely weekend.
Dream a Fisher and Paykel dream for me!


* * * * *

Laurel Ring Options:
{Carnelian, Green Onyx, and Phosposidarite}

Stand Firm Necklace
{Sterling Silver, Quartz}

Illegitimi Non Carborundum
Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Also available in these stones:

Featherfall Earrings
{Sterling Silver, Labradorite}


  1. Shopping for house stuff is so fun! until it comes to the sticker shock. :( Of course, I get sticker shock at the grocery store every time I go these days.
    I'm loving those earrings. And I always love any of the stand firm pieces. Can we see a pic of the one that gets that lovely chunk of turquoise?

  2. Ha! I suppose it will be a day of stickers for me. Hopefully not too much "shock" but being that I haven't done this before, it's most likely going to be exactly that. Still, I'm excited to get into the city and out of this town for a day of it!

    And, you bet you can, sister. Hugs to you, Kelly Jo.

  3. love the "stand firm" pieces....