17 April 2012

Green Goodness

I made a green smoothie.
Okay, it wasn't really green.

I've been wanting to make one for awhile
but have never made the time,
or had the guts--
to do so.

That changed this past weekend when I decided I was
going to make a different experimental smoothie
each day this week.
Today we began with something that looked a bit
like it had already been eaten.
Ugly, oh yes.
But deceivingly delectable- at least compared
to what I was expecting.

After some extensive health-driven research,
I found a few spinachy recipes I thought I could stomach-
(That's right, folks, I don't like spinach. I'm still seven, evidently.)
and combined a couple of them.

Dare to try my experiment?

Day 1 Green Smoothie:

1 frozen banana
4-5 strawberries, hulled
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
2 cups packed fresh spinach
1 heaping tablespoon plain greek yogurt
1 cup vanilla soy milk
1/2 english cucumber
splash of agave nectar
water to blend

This is admittedly probably nowhere near as good
as most of the recipes out there-
however, I was thrilled.
No spinachy taste.
No spinach in my teeth.
A bit on the seedy side thanks to the berries but
overall I'd say it was really tasty.
And I felt good starting my day off this way.

The Monkey liked it too . . .
{after some thoughtful consideration.)

He even thanked me for making "The best thing ever!"
Who knew?

Not a bad start to the smoothie kick.
Tomorrow I have big plans for an apple addition.

Suggestions are welcome.
. . . um, please.



  1. Yum! I shall try your smoothies!! I think I could live off of smoothies (7 year old me still lives too). <3

  2. Is that blonde peeking out from your brunette????

    Heavens, you are a looker.


  3. My favourite smoothie is kiwi and apple ~ yum ~I'm scared of vegetables in my drink .....

  4. Yum! Fab idea, I don't like spinach either!!

    Your little monkey is SO cute x

  5. Sounds really good! I love Spinach, but I love smoothies! I gotta have my family try it.:)Thanks for the recipie.

  6. You are brave to throw spinach in there : )

  7. My favorite is just peaches and spinach. Frozen peaches aren't great because they aren't juicy enough. Canned (minus the liquid) will do in a pinch. Fresh, in-season peaches are the best! I use 1 -1.5, depending on the size. Throw them in the bottom, shove a ton of spinach in there and add a bit of water. Start with just a little. You'll know if you need to add more. I'm not a fan of spinach either but I crave this when peaches are in season.

    As much as I like blueberries, adding them to this smoothie throws the taste off.

    It's best to have a bit of healthy fat before or with your smoothie to absorb the nutrients from the spinach.

    Enjoy your experimenting!

  8. yum yum
    you are awesome
    love the little monkey's thumbs up...too cute!
    and by the way lady
    your hair is rockin' it!!!

    love and light

  9. Ahhh, thanks for inspiring me to get back into the smoothie groove now that the fruits of summer will soon appear. I will be brave and try some spinach and other vegetables.

  10. I knew there was something I was going to do with that leftover spinach in the fridge. This is happening in the morning! Yay. Does it count as a smoothie if you add Carnation Instant Breakfast? A package of the chocolate CIB, a few frozen strawberries and chunked frozen banana, a splash of soy milk, and you have a great post-workout treat. Just don't add peanut butter. It throws everything off.

  11. Excellent advice and feedback. Kim, that sounds amazing. Miz, that too. Jo, I don't blame you one bit. After the one I made this morning, I might not be able to do veggies again for awhile. Can you say broccoli?? Um, YEAH.

    Thank you for the comments, everyone. <3

  12. I'm obsessed with smoothies! I make mine with oranges, a lime with the skin on it, frozen strawberries, kale, spinach, wheat grass and chia seeds. I feel superhuman afterwards! :) The lime really covers up the taste of the greens. The one I make for the kids has berries, a banana, greek yogurt, agave nectar, spinach and kale.

    I'm trying to work up to an apple and carrot smoothie with ginger, but carrots taste yuck to me. I haven't found a palatable way to disguise their carrottness!