19 April 2012

An Improvement

Day three.

Today's experiment was much better, and again,
The Monkey partook of the greenness.
(Unlike yesterday when I didn't even offer him
any, feeling it would be cruel.)

I did what I had been planning to do and thawed yesterday's smoothie, blending it up with some added ingredients,
and trying it again.
It rivaled Tuesday's version for taste.
I was impressed.
AND it was pretty.
(Not a necessity, mind you,
but who doesn't like attractive food?)

Day III Experimental Smoothie:

- 1 kiwi, peeled and sliced
- 1/2 green anjou pear
- The remaining disaster from yesterday
(see previous post)
- 1 cup of ice

The Monkey tried mine and promptly demanded a cupful.
He sat on the couch and slurped contentedly
while watching a morning cartoon, and I scribbled some
notes in a moleskine while listening to Shannon McNally's
Leave Your Bags by the Door and slowly savored my glass.

I'm finding something almost spiritual,
strange as it sounds,
at the bottom of each green experience.
It's a deliberate and kind gesture to myself.
A sort of gentle- albeit unbending- expectation
of how I should treat myself for the remainder of the day.

With respect.
With appreciation for all my body ever could
and ever will do.

It's only day three.
I'm not a different person,
but there is an awareness sprouting up
from somewhere deep down.
Interesting, I feel.

Just . . .


  1. I think that is what happens any time we live with intention. That's the feeling I get when I work out. It's really too easy to let life live us instead of us living life.

  2. My favorite green smoothie is spinach, 1/2 stalk celery, pineapple, plain yogurt, splash of vanilla and a packet of stevia.

  3. Miz- so true. I'm learning/believing that more and more.

    Anon- sounds delicious. People keep recommending pineapple and it's nearly in season here. :)

  4. oh I really love your words here!
    anytime I truly take care of myself... it makes me feel more sparkly on the inside!
    hugs to you Lady!