10 April 2012



I've been following The Power Chicks for some time now.
I'd like to make a workshop or conference at some point-
but for the present moment,
I'll take my daily dose of power via the internet.

(All images below courtesy of the Power Chicks Facebook page.)

The Power Chicks is a sort of business network,
all developed for and by women,
in support of women entrepreneurs
and entreprenuers-to-be.

I find from them solid advice on everything from
efficacy to organization, management, confidence, etc.
I find wisdom and fellowship.
A lot of it is what I find amongst my Etsy and blog community,
but with more of a business spin,
and certainly with more cursing.

{Which I kind of like, to be honest.}

I wanted to share them with you . . .
Because they've touched something deep in me.

I'm trying more and more to diagram my life in a way that suits me.
I don't want to be a passive part of my existence- meaning that
I don't want to settle and I don't want to stand still if I'm not
happy with the location of my feet. Friends have been a huge support. And cliche as it may be, the circulation of
inspirational images and words on both Facebook and
Pinterest have had a fairly large impact on my decisions
of late.

So have these women.

I guess we all need a guide sometimes,
the word "guide" being anything from a tutorial
to a testimony to a seriously swift kick in the ass.

They do it all.

Check them out if you find a few moments.



  1. Powerful words. Thank you for this post. This is something that I have been struggling with for a while. I am trying so hard to break out but don't seem to be able to. Struggling to find the support. I will check them out.

  2. I agree. All the positive quotes and advice from the internet community has been a real pep rally for me, too. It's nice to know that when you are feeling like giving up, you can go to Pinterest and search "inspiration" and leave feeling like a brand new person.

  3. Isn't it amazing how sometimes, we get what we need from total strangers.

  4. Yes, God works ONLY THROUGH PEOPLE!!!
    And by the way, while we're on the planet, the story
    is never over. I need to remember that there is always
    more to the story!!!
    Love you muchissimo!