16 April 2012

Rosy Returns to Custom

I decided recently to start taking on some custom work again.
I think I miss the interaction with people.
I know I miss hearing their ideas.

For those of you who remember when I did custom work before,
the system has changed.
I've stripped it down and simplified it.
We'll give this new arrangement a chance
and see how it goes . . .
and change it again if we need to.

Starting this week,
I'll begin placing a few CO listings in the shop.
These listings will cost $50,
and will act as the deposit for custom work.

Here's the photo for the listings so that
you'll know it when you see it:

Below is the rough text for the listing details.
I thought I'd post it here first to be sure it makes sense.
If you see something I wasn't clear about,
feel free to let me know.

* * * * *

This listing is for a non-refundable deposit on custom jewelry design.
Let's build you something special!

* * * * *

By purchasing this listing you agree to and/or understand the following:

- This is a deposit only. The final price of the piece will be discussed along
with your order requirements, and the balance is due upon completion.

- This deposit is good for one custom piece only. Additional pieces will require purchasing additional deposit listings, e.g., a necklace and earring set, which would count as two orders, not one.

- To be as fair as possible, I won't accept two projects from one person at the same time. If you'd like the earrings to match your necklace, please wait until the next round of custom deposit listings are in the shop.

- Custom order listings will be placed in the shop at random. I will list as many as I feel comfortable taking on at a given time, and depending on what orders I already have underway. Therefore there will be no set number of listings or set schedule for posting them.

- Custom work takes more time than standard work, and it may cost more as well, depending on what you want to have done. Stones may have to be ordered. Additional photographs, conversations, updates, examples and explanations are provided during the course of custom work. You will see your piece built, step-by-step, throughout the entire process. This takes time. By purchasing this deposit, you are telling me that you are a patient person, that you understand it could take several weeks in order to complete your design, and that you're okay with that. :)

- After purchasing this listing, I will send you a convo to find out the details of what you'd like made, and we will begin the design process from there.

- It's my goal to make you something you'll appreciate longterm, and that will carry on in years. We will work on your design until you're fully satisfied with it.

* * * * *

Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with you on your ideas.

* * * * *

Hopefully those details were written
sensibly and I left nothing out.
(I think I'm still suffering from my
birthday-cake-sugar-rush hangover, not to mention
the shock of knowing I'm now a mom to a five-year-old.)

Let me know if you have any questions.
look for custom order opportunities
in the Etsy shop this week.

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. Very clearly written! Now I need to make some $$$ so I can place an order for the RR ring of my dreams. hehe ;)

  2. All I kept thinking while reading this...
    you're a real beauty Jess!!!