12 April 2012

We Use Butter

Thursday night casual comfort food.

Browned butter chicken with herbs.
Buttered potatoes.
Caesar salad.

And real organic butter, mind you.

{Nigella Lawson would be so proud of me.}

A few key kitchen utensils for making casual comfort food.

(I drank half the beer and simmered the rest
with the butter, chicken, and herbs.)

My sous-chef.
Slacking off.

Guess who did the dishes?

Happy Thursday,


  1. Mmmmmm, looks yummy! I've always been in a quandry about real butter vs margarine.

  2. The meal sounds great, and I love the flowers on the table, the lace curtains and that wonderful, ornate wooden frame for the poster (Where did you find that frame?) Gorgeous, JJ! What a beautiful setting for dinner!

  3. I think my boys make it look pretty great. ;)

    Alice, I always thought butter- of course being raised in the south, I have butter in my veins- but it always seemed to me that natural is better choice. :)

  4. I- I found the frame at the flea market for $20. All it needed was hardware and glass. I got two of them. LOVE them!