09 April 2012

Wherein We Celebrate

I woke up to sunshine this morning,
raining down and warming the floors.

They fled when my feet hit the ground,
but a few moments prior to this photo,
there had been puddles of cat in those pools of light.
Happy Monday, friends!

We had our first family gathering here this past weekend.
An easter celebration among the remnants of boxes
and packaging fluff.
We got at least the kitchen clear
and the dining room done up for the occasion.

Not bad for being so totally thrown together.
When the guests arrived, I might add, I was still in a tshirt.
(Which I changed later and then changed again,
thanks to a potato salad mishap.)

Someone was impatient for ham.
Lady, if you could stop taking pictures so that we could eat,
well that would just be fantastic.

I made this, this, and this quinoa salad . . . (thanks again, Pinterest)
in addition to the usual platter of ham and the mountain
of fresh fruit. I totally forgot about the rolls.
And decided to skip the deviled eggs this year.
It was light.
It was simple.

And between the meal and the dessert,
an easter egg hunt.
The Monkey received an amazing sock monkey easter basket
from one of my lovely customers,
but I couldn't get him to part with his old fire truck basket.

So I've inherited a new sewing tote.

He's not really smiling in any of these photos,
but his excitement was charming.
He'll be five on Saturday.
Where has the time gone?
Wasn't I just peeing on a digital stick?

(Yeah, sorry, it gets real around here sometimes.)

We ended the day late.
We laughed often.
We celebrated . . .

And relished the light.

Hoping you all had a lovely weekend as well!

Hugs, you.

PS- There is an Etsy shop update today- not huge-
but nevertheless upcoming. I'm also planning on taking
custom orders again, starting next week. Details
on that will be posted here and on the RR Facebook
page in the next day or so.


  1. I love, love, love your dining room! That brick wall is FABULOUS!!! Congrats on the new home!

  2. This makes me smile!! Love all the wonderful things happening in your life. Love ya sista :)