09 April 2012

Wisteria . . . ish.

Early last week, I figured I'd do a piece based loosely on all the Wisteria
hanging around the trees here.
It's the Piedmont version of Spanish Moss, I reckon.
Purple blossoms tumbling everywhere.

So I built a necklace.
Then today, for posting, I went to take some Wisteria photos
for those of you who might not be familiar with it
(do you exist?) and wouldn't you know- I missed the blooms.

We've passed the flora stage of the growing season
and are well into fauna now,
all within the past several days-
and all right in front of me without my ever noticing.

So here is the tangle of leaf and vine which looks *nothing*
like the necklace I built,
but from which the necklace derives.

* * * * *

Wisteria(ish) Necklace
{Sterling Silver, Laguna Agate, Pink Amethyst and Chalcedony, Iolite}

In the Etsy shop tonight.

I have a Dryhead Agate Necklace near completion but
I'm not happy with the patina on it yet-
it will be posted later in the week.

{Two blog posts in one day.
Who am I?}


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