04 May 2012

A Self Portrait

I don't cry often.

But sometimes I do.
And I did several nights ago.

I don't know what made me grab the camera sitting by me.
I don't know why I started taking photos even as I broke down a bit.
Perhaps I needed to see myself this way.
Perhaps I needed evidence.

Why share?
I don't know.
Because I'm real.
And this is me sometimes.


  1. You are so beautiful. Tears and all :)

  2. beeteedub- I'm diggin the new header - sassy and so fun!

  3. I agree with the previous comment, Tears and all....beautiful. ♥ I adore your honesty. It makes you even more amazing!

  4. pure honesty and beauty that is you. Totally Real

    denita xoxox

  5. Dry those tears ky friend and hold your head up high. Your gorgeous with or without them but I like to see you smile!! <3

  6. Ahhhhhhh JJ, you are So beautiful. Just strong women dare to share their sad moments.... xoxoxo Feri

  7. sometimes a girl just has to cry. go ahead. i can't imagine a woman in this group who can't understand and sure as the previous comment says, it is really only a very strong woman who would share that moment with such a big world. in so many ways, my heroine.

  8. Eyes are the windows to the soul. You are beautiful. -Candice

  9. Jess,
    You are beautiful inside and out. Tears allow us to release emotions which we all have. It is healthy to release those emotions. Without tears, we would never fully appreciate happiness and joy that we have in our lives. I miss you!

  10. You and your comments mean a great deal- thank you.

    On a side note, I find it immensely interesting that this post lost me several blog followers.
    That says some things, I feel.

  11. Thank you for sharing! That takes guts. And you are very real! I love this post!

  12. I'm so glad you shared!!!! I always knew you were courageous.
    You are so many amazing things to me. I love this post too!
    Your photos are GORGEOUS just like you! I agree- sometimes we need evidence. The photos are just another way to " write " what you feel.
    loads of hugs and love, always.

  13. p.s BTW loooooving your new banner. Best one yet!

  14. You are beautiful! We all need to let out our emotions every now and again; not good to keep them in. I also love your new banner:o)


  15. still lovely, tears & all. And sometimes a good cry is needed!

  16. ........ these photos are so touching, Jess. My eyes welled up by the third shot and my nose is running now. Between this and all the "what I'm afraid to tell you" posts that are floating about this weekend, I am feeling a much needed connection with humanity.


  17. truly I adore you tearful, joyful and everything in between.

  18. I cry every day...it seems to cleanse the soul but I'm not brave enough to share that. You are so special Jess and very genuine. Don't ever doubt your inner feelings.

    Love, Sandy xx

  19. I've always had the highest respect for you, Jess and you just unleveled it one more notch. You are real and honest and beautiful. Don't ever change:O)

  20. Jess,
    Never have shame for crying. You are an amazing and talented woman who can do ANYTHING! I often look in the mirror when I cry and talk to myself. It's healthy to let our emotions run their course. Cry when you need to and lean.on those who care. I am here. I really am and need you to know this.

  21. how did I miss this????
    I have been thinking about you and came by for a visit...
    I think this might make sense to you today
    " Grieg: It's how you love all those things in life that end." ~Stephen Jenkison

    Holding you♥

    love and light