23 July 2012


What a bittersweet weekend.
Saying final goodbyes and then in turn
saying hello for the first time in years.
To childhood friends.
To long lost cousins.

I saw places I haven't seen before in the town
from which my father's side comes.
The shipyard where my grandfather worked.
The church where his father preached.
The pier, long since rebuilt, where my father used to fish.

The cemetery.
The stones of those before me.
Sun and rain.
The rainbow.

And my sweet, sweet family.

It has been said, and I do believe,
that each second is in fact a second chance.
I'm realizing what I want in this world,
for my life and for my soul.

The truth?
It's not as busy- not as complicated-
as I once thought it was.

Seeing your name in stone will do that to a person.


Today I watched the sky.
I'm home, somehow more peaceful than I was when I left.
A bit more whole.

Being surrounded by the warmth of loved ones,
by the stories I've heard echoed throughout the years and
of which I will never tire of hearing,
by the laughter even through the damp eyes...
This is the substance I needed.
The backbone of my being.

I was told this past Sunday that love...
Love will always ask more of us than any law.
It will demand greater conduct.
And it will make us far better for that
exquisite leaching of energy and emotion.
I think it's accurate to say so.

Here I am.
The emptying provides the fulfillment, it would seem--
for I am gaining more in the learning to give...


  1. I love this post!It makes me happy:) You sound so more at peace!!It's funny sometimes,I guess,what we need to go through to get to where we're going....

    DeeDee :)

  2. Oh Jess! Losing someone is devastating and I don't want you to think that I was making light of it!You just sounded so different and happier from your last post and that's what made me happy....I am awful with words!!

    DeeDee :)

  3. Oh lady!! Not a worry in the world. I didn't think that you were making light of anything. I think the world of you... :)

  4. "The wound is the place where the Light enters you." ~Rumi

    I'm so glad that you found strength and peace in being with your family, dear one. May your heart continue to heal, and may you continue to discover its depth and capacity to love and give, in spite of (and because of) any hurts it may encounter along the journey. <3

  5. So sorry to hear about your grandmother.

  6. Yes, by His stripes we are healed. There is strength in weakness, and when all is said and done: Love is the only thing of true substance we leave behind on this planet.
    Thank you for this post,JJ.Blessings to you, Wonder-full Lady!
    I miss you.

  7. Love will always ask more of us than any law.

    pause for breathing deep

    I love that line, those words
    so true
    so beautifully true
    sorry for your loss JJ
    and I also celebrate with you the reconnections and wholeness you found through this loss
    a true reflection of life-death-life
    for after death...there is always life
    thank you for sharing your beautiful heart here today

    love and light

  8. Hey Jess, I've been wanting to email you. I think about you daily. I'm sorry for your loss. But happy for the warmth and understanding that comes from time with your family.
    My dad lived in Newport News when he was a little boy. There is something about being near the ocean that always gives me perspective.
    Wrap yourself in light, my friend. You are in my thoughts and prayers.