24 July 2012

The Dormant Muse

Shop update tomorrow afternoon.


Paragon Earrings
{Sterling Silver}

Helical Earrings
{Sterling Silver}

There will also be two made-to-order Ripple Effects Rings
in White Stallion Turquoise,
so pale it's more of a minty milk color.

* * * 

I'm finding that the creative juices
are running a bit dry these days.
It's worrisome but part of the artistic flow, I suppose.
Odd how sometimes the flux of emotion
can stir me towards silver,
and other times it shuts me down.
It must be a rest period.
Some sort of an inventive hibernation of expression.

... I suppose Rosy is sleeping.


  1. I hear you sister - feeling the same way lately. Things just aren't jiving. I just keep telling myself as soon as the calm passes, the creative storm will hit me like a bat out of hell, just as it usually does!

  2. That waxing and waning is essential, I think. It's that quiet time that will all of the sudden spontaneously combust into something that's pure genius. Just wait, I'm sure Rosy will awake with a vengeance before we know it. :) love you lady!

  3. With your emotional energy directed elsewhere, sometimes there's not enough left over for the jewelry. Don't worry; it will return. *hugs*

  4. You got "IT" in spades...just slow down and wait a bit til the tidal wave surges again.

  5. It's just a natural part of the shape of the wave, its organic form. Love you! Wish I'd be home this afternoon, but I have to leave in a few. Love those helical earrings muchissimo and want a pair badly. Your work continues to be amazing, so please relax. We will all wait. Promise!

  6. I find when I tire of a particular activity, no matter how much I enjoy it, it's my own self telling me to take a break. Soak in the rest Jess, you've earned this mini-sabbatical. Read a book, paint your nails, have lunch with lovely ladies... heck, come visit me in Cali! :)

  7. <3!! you all. What a warm blanket, this safety amongst creatives.