01 August 2012


begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish
put forth young shoots; bud.

from the Old French bourgeonnner 'put out buds,' from borjon 'bud' 

* * * * *

Something I'm realizing about myself- I grow and wither and grow and wither.  Every new shoot and sprout unfurling then falling, never nurtured to the point of strength.  Inner storms are powerful forces against the tender changes trying to take root.  

Me?  I'm a slave to my own seasons.  

Bourgeonner Ring
{Sterling Silver, Citrine}

Though the pattern is old, the dawning of it is new.  And this time, I cling to the life before it dies away.  Holding fast to the point of breaking what is so fresh and new, it's a whiteness- still too young to grow green. 

Bourgeonner Necklace
{Sterling Silver, Citrine, Green Onyx, and Prehnite}

The truth now.
**I just want something that lasts.**

A life in full-flower and beyond this ever repetitive cycle of blossom and break. It must be my soul's soil that's weak.  I forget to feed me.  How do you grow into all you could ever be... if you never nourish all you've been before?

Bourgeonner Ring
{Sterling Silver, Rose Quartz}

Vaccilation Earrings
{Sterling Silver, Pink Opal}

 Bourgeonner Ring
{Sterling Silver, Blue Topaz}

Steady now, and oh-so-slowly.
Weather the storm.
Protect the green.
This.  Will.  Grow.
... And I will change.


  1. Great post JJ. You're exactly right. How can any of is expect to flourish when we are so depleted. Something I'm working on during this new phase of my life. <3 ya!

  2. Hey Jess. Beautiful post. And beautiful work you are churning out, too. I am feeling your words so strong. It feels like nothing lasts anymore.

  3. Jo- Thinking of you daily. WE will last. <3

  4. Beautiful pieces, and such beautiful words. The necklace is amazing!

  5. Thank you- that's high praise coming from the likes of you, SS. <3

  6. just had to say - beautiful work and beautiful words. thank you.