28 September 2012

Winner Winner

 We were going to use a random number generator
to select a winner for the GiveAway,
but then The Monkey wouldn't be involved--
and that didn't sit well with the short stack.

We decided (he decided) to do an old-fashioned
scrawl and draw lottery.
Each entry (all 131 of them) was written
on a scrap of lined paper and placed into a vintage
pitcher I found in some small Southern Pines antique store.

Swish and pluck.
We have a winner.

Congratulations, ZachnGail Doyle!
I owe you a package.

Please message me your preference for a ring or pendant,
as well as your desired size.

Thank you so much again to everyone who entered.
The feedback is immeasurably valuable both to my 
little business and my big heart.

Shop update tomorrow.



  1. Congratulations, ZachnGail!!! You lucky winner:O)

  2. aw, dang. i didn't win. but CONGRATULATIONS to the winner!!
    and too sweet, jess....your hosting a giveaway....! xx

  3. Your boy is so cute! He's the perfect name picker!!

  4. Hi Jessica, well missed-out on your giveaway (Congratulations you lucky winner)but sure glad to have met you at Art is You. Your an awesome assistant and an AMAZING artist.

    Love your blog and happy to be a new follower,