01 October 2012

Burning Brighter

Fire Balm Earrings:
{Sterling Silver, Turquoise}

I asked questions.
I always ask questions.

Sunrise or Sunset?
Annual or Perennial?
Steak or Chicken?
Fire?.... or Water?

He said water...
Thank God. He said water.

* * * * *

Rebel Earrings
{Sterling Silver}

There are things that I will do for a hatchet job too
Ante up, there’s a new kid in town.
But it won’t take long for what’s red hot and blonde
To be ashes on the ground.

The Manhattan skyline, a bed and a byline
Well, I’ve come and I’ve cradled your face.
And I won’t be the last one to commit crimes of passion
With a shoot-out and a chase.

Over and over and over and over
I’m beckoning, begging and I keep hanging on
Going once, going twice, mercy God, Jesus Chris
tAnd I'm gone, and I'm gone, and I'm gone.
- Shawn Colvin

* * * * *

A personal insurgency against myself
(what girl is not her own worst enemy at times) 
manifests its presence in a pair of
strangely off-balance and asymmetrical earrings. 

Challenging guidelines and punching through windows,
a voice red, raw, and deafening... 
Wild animal abandonment that will
surely have to be reigned in soon. 

But the scream is no longer caught in my throat. 

I dare you to silence me.


  1. Rockin! Just abso-.......-lutely Rockin, every last mm of these pieces. NO silencing you now girl.

  2. I am guessing there would never be any silencing you, woman...and that is a good thing! xx

  3. i'm lovin' your asymmetry and your badassness.

  4. darn, missed the rebel earrings! Those totally rock!

  5. I love the asymmetry - nothing wrong with that!

  6. Totally rocking those!! Love them

  7. MM- Smooch and cannot wait to hug your neck in Texas.

    Kerin- AH! What a lovely site, seeing your comment here. Thank you. I owe you a very long overdue note. <3

    Miz- We got this. Fuck yes, we do. More on that via private lines...

    Pencil- I just put your address in my phone the other day. I have grand plans for stocking up on postcards. :)

    Courtney- Thank you, lady! They will re-apper next week either already built or as made-to-orders. :)

    Quilting- Wheeee! So glad you think so. :)

    Lynsey- Thanks, girl. <3

  8. Awesome to meet you today!! I am now a huge fan and look forward to seeing more of your work!! Cat(one of the trouble maker sisters)