12 December 2012


These are my hammers.
Some were my grandfather's.
He swung that riveting hammer in the Newport News shipyard
after his return from the second world war.

Others are from the flea market.
I don't own a "real" hammer, much to the chagrin of some peers-
and quite frankly,
I've never cared.

I've always been big on sentimental value and keeping things
close to home.  I rather like my tattered arsenal of tools.
What would a girl like me need with a fancy hammer, anyhow?
I don't forge much.

Oh, but then there was Andrea.
Andrea... and NC Black.

This company boasts handcrafted hammers and tools,
built not only in the USA but in my home state.
I leave tomorrow for good old Mayberry a la Andy Griffith,
where I'll be studying alongside the stellar Andrea Kennington
of NC Black, and learning the art of forging proper.

Southern roots and pride in handmade, quality products?
Carolina love?
She and I, we can out-swing and out-sass the better part of this region, y'all.
It doesn't get much closer to home than that.

Out of the blue, the chapters have passed.
Out of the woodwork, supportive arms and fresh opportunity.
I'm finding open doors I never thought I'd have the chance to pass through,
and friendships waiting that I never saw for looking.

I feel as worn and as limited as my tools.
It won't be forever.
Change is coming.

as my most favorite fortune cookie once said,


  1. She is going to make you love her. She's family around here: give her a huge hug for Anthony Orion and myself. And have her give you one for us, too :) Love you, honey. xoxox

  2. She said the same of you, Sunshine. Have your ears been ringing? xoxoxo (yes, I said it.)

  3. YES!!!!, you are headed exactly where the universe decrees. Perfect! I can't wait to hear about it. Been looking at her website today as a matter of fact and I wish I knew what all of those beautiful hammers & things were for. Enjoy it, soak it up, make the most of the time and the experience and then...pass the information along. I am very happy for you. Love from the Texas Branch.

  4. You will have a fabulous time. Give her a hug from me as well. Enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with her in Sedona recently.......You two will meld like mac and cheese <3

  5. I spy an X and an O!! Have a lovely soul-filling time, my friend.

  6. Read your Facebook email.

    I have my Grandfather's tools....mainly files and such. He was a carpenter and someone who always loved me for who I am and was and shall be.....He is gone. I miss him.

  7. My favorite hammer is a very odd shaped thing that came from a RAD antique store in Snohomish Wa, and cost me $4!!!!! As for your upcoming adventure, all I can say is YES...and I hope I can get to the mainland one day and experience the goodness first hand :) Sending you mucho love and FUN for the next chapters...tool related and otherwise!

  8. Three words: LOVE YOU and: JEALOUS.

  9. I love Fretz, but I love my father's old worn hammers more.

  10. beautiful you
    change is indeed coming
    let the winter wrap you in her mystical ways
    let a stillness fall upon your heart
    the knowing that change always comes
    after the storm

    love and light

  11. Oh that brass hammer you have is my all time favorite - from Rio Grande.
    Your class sounds like it'll be one hammerin' good time. Look forward to your stories.

  12. Love this post--we still use many of the tools and equipment here on our farm that my husband's grandfather and greatgrandfather used or even built when they were farming here. It seems to give more meaning to the work when we are using a piece of history.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great time!!