21 December 2012

Of Hearts and Hands

I shipped the last of the Christmas orders today.
It felt really good.

I thought that tonight, 
to relax and spend some time together,
The Monkey and I might make some chains of paper hearts.
He loves cutting paper (and he could use some practice.)
Besides, I had the notion that strands of
handmade hearts might look nice on the tree.
I opted for tissue paper so that the
christmas lights could shine through.

Because it had been quite awhile since I had
made a paper chain, I thought I'd do a practice run
before The Monkey came home from his grandmother's.

Um, yeah.

Go figure.

I suck with hearts anyway.



  1. Is it terrible that I'm kinda laughing a little bit? It's not funny that you cut yourself, per se. It's the fact that you cut yourself while doing a trial run so you could show the kiddo how it's done.
    I'm sorry, JJ. I hope all of our bleeding hearts get healed.

  2. Jo- That's me... Southern Grace. (*head desk*) Not terrible as I had to laugh too- what else can we do but bandage up and wait for it to get better? And yes, I hope ALL of our bleeding hearts get healed... I love how you see right to the point of the post. Email forthcoming. <3

    Marie- Ah, your eyes. Hugs, woman.

  3. I love your bloody heart!

    now let get a cocktail going!lol

    love and light

  4. Cat, my dear! Either you were in a typing rush, or you had already had a cocktail. ;) And I love you fiercely, 'tailed or not. <3

    1. LOL...perhaps a bit of both!!! lol

      blessings to you and your monkey this light filled season JJ
      love and light