16 December 2012


Christmas came early for this gal, a la NC Black.
I now need to catch my skill set up to my tool set.

Holy hell.

As for organizing this stash...
I'm asking Santa for an old architect's cabinet.
I have no idea where to put it all.

I LOVE this company, and I can say after spending some
quality time with Chuck and Andrea Kennington,
I love the people standing squarely behind it.

(I also love Andrea's spaghetti.)

Methinks it's going to be a swinging new year-
I'm ending 2012 (and my twenties) with a bang.

Okay, really, no more bad puns, I promise.


In addition to my new tools, 
I was able to pick up some new *old* tools as well.
A trip with Andrea to a Mt. Airy hardware store
landed me some amazing vintage files
(all in mint condition and never used)
and the world's most enormous rawhide mallet.
This thing. Is. Delicious.

This batch of files is by Nicholson, made not only
in the USA but in Apex, North Carolina, located about
eleven miles from where I'm now sitting.
I grew up in Apex.

Keeping it close to home.
This is what I love.

{{Loved the graphics too, and had to bring home 
a few empty file boxes.}}

I was also able to score some carborundum sticks
for grinding and shaping.  They spoke to the
"illegitimi non carborundum" in me.
Truthfully, I may never use them.
I may just look that them everyday and grin.

It's a light night here.
I'm feeling like a nerdy superhero
with my arsenal of playthings.

Speaking of arse...
(Wait, was that a pun?)
My ass fits in the frame of a photograph now.
First ever ass sighting on the Rosy blog.

I'm feeling playful, and inspired.
Tonight, I'm finally feeling me.

Good stuff.

Hugs, you.


  1. Hugs back atcha Rosy......Lovin' your renewed spirit!! See you in Feb:O) Merry Christmas and I hope the Monkey is feeling better <3

  2. Replies
    1. p.s. great arse.... arsenal?.... arse....

  3. Art and Soul, cannot wait to finally hug your neck!

    Ms. Pencil - birthday ring, and a few odds and ends, ahoy.


  4. I am VERY happy that my friend is in such high spirits. So get yourself comfortable with all of these new toys and have some fun! Sometime this spring, your schedule permitting, I am planning on coming back and will expect some new toy training!
    Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Decade and Happy Jess!
    Big Hugs from all of here at the Texas Branch!

  5. OK, you've got me tool-drooling. It's messy over here! Blessings to you, beautiful inspiring metal-mistress~~hope your Christmas & 2013 is wondrous.

  6. MM- YES. The guest room awaits. Hugs back, and much love.

    Miss Chris... thank you, lovely. Will I be seeing you in class come 2013?

  7. Ikea kitchen island and Micromark hanging tool aprons: those are my NCBlack keepers - I love seeing your arsenal :) And I love you!

  8. A four pound rawhide mallet is a thing of beauty.

  9. A- I love you back! You make a beautiful Tipsy McNosekisser, by the way.

    Sandra- Ain't it?!

    Cindi- Ain't it?!