18 January 2013

Small Stones- Day Eighteen

Things I hold dear:

An amazing relationship with my parents.
An incredible family.

Those early mornings in bed, sleep shrouded,
when The Monkey arrives and cuddles close.
When for a few moments,
it's we two, two dogs, and a cat
all piled in and quilt-toasted.
When the bed feels, after a long night,
like it's finally the right size.

This small town.
I love this town.

This house,
with its drafty halls and huge oak trees.
With all its potential.

My friends.
My customers.
Perfect strangers.
Perfect memories.
A pool of hopes.

My heart.

Happy Friday.


  1. i'm trying to follow your example of being PERFECTLY GRATEFUL.


    1. I'm trying to embrace myself as PERFECTLY IMPERFECT. <3