14 January 2013

Small Stones- Day Fourteen

I thought I'd try to wear eyeliner.
I put it on.
Then I took it off.

Nevermind the fact that it looked like I'd been beaten.
(I don't know how to apply it.)

It's not me.
I've hardly ever worn it.

I got mad...
obviously not about the eyeliner...
it's what the eyeliner represents.

I scrubbed it off.
What the hell am I doing?
I don't do much makeup.

I'm fine with my unlined eyes
and freckles and fair skin-
and I'll never be a model and I'll never
be Italian and I'll never be anything but 
this spitfire of a southern girl
and as the black water washed down the drain...

I thought... 

You can have it.
But I'm keeping me.


  1. ....and i like the badass girl you are....just as you are....

    1. And I like the force that is you, and both liking and force grow everyday,

  2. glad to see u again Ms. Badass. :)

    1. Honey, I'm home!!


      Love to you, Allison.

  3. I'm the same way with eyeliner. I pretend I know what I'm doing when I apply it, but then when I see it on I feel as though I look like silly. Together, you and I, and all others welcome, will embrace in our natural beauty.
    --smile --

    1. Smiling.

      You're gorgeous and always were... and damn, that "Chapman" looks good on you. <3

  4. Girl, you are seventeen kinds of beautiful inside and out. Keep growing, zinnia :) xoxox

  5. The comment from Allisunny S makes anything I could say redundant. So, I copy her and double it's power!

  6. Um, Jessica you are GORGEOUS! Forget the eyeliner. I took a class with you and Richard Salley in Petaluma last September. It was the last day of classes, and you were soooo beautiful. And that's all this wise (?) grandma lady is gonna say.

    1. Sweet woman. I remember you well. I had a lovely time at the torch with you. Thank you for the kind words, and for keeping up with me. :)