09 January 2013

Small Stones- Day Nine

Silence and a step backwards.
It's been gray within and gray without,
a white flag kind of night-
Wherein I take back my heart and hand you your space,
knowing you thrive in it,
and sleep beneath an electric blanket
that does little to warm me.

I'll thaw out tomorrow,
when we all start again.


  1. Its so hard to give people who are hurting you so deeply anything....much less what they need. You will survive this because you are Rosy, JESSICA!!! ..strong, sweet, and unbeatable. The Lords daughter. Xo.

  2. We are here :-) listening to you :-)

  3. surrender: nothing else remains, and *that* gives over to acceptance.

  4. I ready your blog regularly but never comment, never enter giveaways, never wave. I hold my peace. But today I offer you this, a song of moving on, with generosity, acceptance, and above all, joy. May you be there soon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV7mki8GhYA

    1. THAT was lovely. Just downloaded it. Thank you, GraceC. Very much what I needed to hear.