07 January 2013

Small Stones Day Seven- Of Monuments

My small stones this past weekend were of the private type-
I said so much Friday that I thought I might keep
a few things back to sit upon and savor for myself.
Your feedback was a feast for thought.
I appreciate it more than you know.

I went to the beach Saturday and came home late yesterday.
Saturday's post is on a paper napkin.
Yesterday's belongs to a gas receipt I picked up
off of 40E somewhere near Burgaw, NC.
Both are smeared, so...
I've officially moved well beyond any numbness I felt.
 (And I can smile as I type that.)

All of the insight, the perspective and advice given-
all the open arms and ears... these have meant the world.
I'm thankful for you.

There was a conversation from this weekend
that sticks with me.  It was over the phone
with someone I've never seen in person.
In talking about life lately, we touched on the frequent
albeit inadvertent behavior that people exhibit...
this sort of yearning for the next bend in the road.

Be it waiting on a promotion or a day of
financial ease, wanting a wound to heal, impatience
to meet a goal, make a change, whatever-
there is, I think, a commonality among us in that
we want the eras of pain and frustration to pass.
Understandably so.

This voice on the other line likened it to
having a toddler- all the difficulty that can come
with raising a young one fighting so hard for independence.
Talking, arguing, testing boundaries.  
Things get knocked over.
Things get smashed.  Spilled.  It's exhausting.
It's easy at times to itch for the day when there will be a
certain level of grace and intuition attained.
To think that life will be easier, perhaps better then.

And then the voice said,

"But those smashed and broken things are
beautiful, BEAUTIFUL... because they are
monuments to the building of a person."

They are monuments to the building of a person.
They are monuments to the building of a person.

The smashed and broken things are beautiful because they
are monuments to the building of a person.

* * * * *

I will never forget that.


  1. Beautiful insight, Jess! Yes, they are indeed monuments to the building of a person- they are the monumental fragments from which the wholeness of our being is constituted. And you know, the irony is that, as you get older, these fragments fit together snugly and perfectly, no longer showing sharp edges, tumbled smooth by time and experience, cemented by strength. Hugs :-)

  2. and isn't this so fitting, as you write of "small stones" and then comes the realization of smashed and broken things being monuments to the building of your person.

    i love this post, jess.
    sending you love and light and some twinkling alaska starlight....


  3. perfect

    nuff said

    love and light