03 January 2013

Small Stones- Day Three

I have not been to bed before midnight in over two weeks.
Tonight, I'm caving.
It was a good day.
I can finally sleep.

I paid the bills.
I ate.
I worked and I talked to a longtime friend.
There were laughs.
There was laundry.
Strong coffee.
Snoring dogs.
Tomorrow, The Monkey comes home.

Small things.
Baby steps.


  1. i know that feeling -
    happy your monkey returns today...

  2. I am glad for your good day. <3

  3. i love that you are laying it all out there, gathering stones and arraying them for yourself and for us.

  4. Wishing you a year ahead full of healing and promise. So many times I start writing and I just have too much to want to say, so I say nothing. But you are always in my thoughts and even prayers Jess. You will be better on the other side of this, I promise. Love ya girl!

  5. peace to you and your small steps

    love and light