25 January 2013

Small Stones- Day Twenty Five

Being iced in means time for
introducing myself to new things.
Time for reacquainting myself with old things.
I baked bread tonight.
I searched through fabric scraps
and drew a few pattern lines
on some organic cotton knit.

I worked on a few custom pieces.

I have tights on.
Tights and over-the-knee-socks
and leg warmers and boots.
And a black dress.
I have this on my lips,
a studio staple (soldering leaves my lips dry)
that I especially love in the winter.

I exchanged words with people I love today.
I watched snow fall.
I discovered where the (second) junction box is located
after blowing fuses in the bedroom while setting up a
space heater... 
I drank hot tea.

It was a day for and of me.
A bit of learning.  A bit of remembering.
A bit wonderful, a bit wistful.

Tomorrow, the sun and the thaw.
I'll see some family.
I'll finish some things.

And this is how it goes...
Simply.  Slowly.
One day at a time.

Loving you.


  1. tights and sox and leg warmers and rosebud salve: you sure know how to rock it!

    1. I think of myself as "fashionably questionable."

  2. Right back at ya!

    Enjoy your weekend!