03 January 2013

Small Stones- Day Two

I thought I'd try something new,
because why not- everything else is different.

That was three hours ago; now there's blood
on my hands but fresh work in the acid
and in this moment, when I'd have honestly
rather picked up a bottle instead of a torch but didn't...
I feel really damn good.

The bench is still hot and I am not bothered.

And, baby,  there's silver to show for it.


  1. Replies
    1. Ah, lady. <3. Come have lunch one day.

  2. And what in the world is going to happen next?! Eeeee!

    1. I'm going to take the last of my heart back, and put it all into my work. :)

  3. i love that you feel really damn good.

    [p.s. i'm small-stone-ing with you.
    the link > powers that be > etc.]

    1. I love that you are doing this with me. But then, you have done so much with me, and I can be fully me with you. Your words stand true... Life is good. :)

  4. ooooo....it'll be amazing to see what comes out of this~~

    1. Hopefully beauty. Definitely bandaids. :) xx

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    1. Thank you for starting me on this road. Love your spirit, lady.

  6. Good for you. A great way to wrestle demons is to sit at the bench and create! The bottle is a reward, not a crutch. It works out much better that way. :)

    Can't wait to see what you've done! That EOY locket was stunning.

    1. Amen, and finding that more and more. Thank you for the kind words on the locket, Jill. You and you work are stunning.

  7. your heart is whole my sweet JJ
    i know it does not feel so
    but that is only the feeling
    as you walk, work, write and wrestle it will return
    different yes
    but yours all the same...
    I love what Jill wrote...the bottle is not the crutch it is the reward...love it!

    one day at a time...one step at a time...
    maybe today
    these words will help
    every step you are taking, is bringing you back to you
    and you my dear
    are oh so worth it!!!

    standing with you
    staff in hand

    much love and light to you!

    1. How do you always know what to say? Worth it.... I would like to feel that. Some days I do. Then there are days that, without change or without love from certain hearts, I feel like I have failed all over again. I'm learning.... I'm trying hard to let go of those who have been able to let go of me, to wish them well, and turn and walk away. Harder than those steps, forgiving myself. Time, right? It is possible to love yourself again?

      Love and Light to you, Cat, and thank you for always finding the good in me. :)

    2. I just came from your blog...

      "Vulnerability taught me that I did not need to know
      where that path lead...
      that being where I was
      was more important then were I was going.
      She showed me that sometimes seeing around the corner
      affected the lessons on the path
      right in front of me.
      She showed me how to accept where I was
      right where I was
      and not only accept it
      but sink into it
      to embrace it
      to love it
      to cherish it."

      Ah... now there's something to learn. <3