02 February 2013


We talked tonight over supper,
my friend and I.

She asked, would you rather have love or security?
And I thought, and then I laughed and said,

well if it's real love,
isn't that security?
Wasn't that part of the whole idea?

She took a big bite of brisket and nodded.
Sure was, she said.

We raised our beers and said we'd
always stick together.

A toast.
To friendship.
To what man?




  1. hold tight to your friends: they sustain us when others cannot.


    1. Yes... Consider yourself tightly held. <3

  2. One of my favorite movies is Under the Tuscan Sun. There's a part where the main character is talking to her best friend and says, "... you are my love life". I have said that many a time to my best friend, and it will always be true. The securest love there is, I think. Cheers to you, lovely lady!

    1. So funny you say that... I always watch that movie when I'm at some sort of crossroads. Needless to say it's been the background to my winter. <3 Hugs, woman.

  3. when a woman loves fully for the sake of love...magic happens and all else truly is fulfilled
    I believe it taps into our deep wild nature...our souls and though troubles may come and go...indeed my sweet JJ, you are so right in Love there is found security and a whole lot of other goodness that can not be shattered..shaken perhaps, but not shattered
    and the Love found in sisterhood is one of The Sacred and Profound...something deep within our dna...a magic that one can barely touch yet feels so deep and strong
    it is good

    love and light

    1. I think I've learned more about love in this past year than I have in my full thirty.
      I think I still have a lot to learn. My friends, and you strong women who I may not really know but who still guide and listen... are a huge part of this lesson.

      Love and light, Cat. Thank you.

  4. It all starts and ends with love. I so agree. Happy day sweets!!! Love to you tough girl!!!! Biz

    1. You shine bright on me, woman. Love back to you, and a big-ass hug.

  5. I love this post, and am going to forward it to my BFF. It's funny, because we're sort of encouraged to believe that romantic love is the be-all and end-all. And yet, that part of my life fell apart (and then got rebuilt with someone else)....and she's still there. She and I use an old Jane Siberry song, "The Life is the Red Wagon", as sort of our theme song...."You pull for me, and I pull for you." Nothing beats that.


    p.s. You have no idea how much my "Illegitimi non carborundum" ring has been getting me through some tough times at work. They might be bastards, but the ring has become a talisman to remind me to be tough. Thank you.