04 February 2013

The Ones that Stuck

I don't know if it's my southern heart,
or if it was the photography
or Paul Harvey's voice-
which always takes me back to the backseat of family trips
and listening to "The Rest of the Story"-
or if it was the fact that I'd heard
about this shoot for the ad several weeks ago
and got the privilege to see a whisper
of behind the scenes work done to create it,

but Dodge got me a bit lump-throated last night.

This was my favorite commercial.

And this was my second:


  1. Oh, man. When that Dodge commercial went off, I was just speechless. Amazing. Beautiful. And it said God in it!!!!! I love it.

  2. I loved the Dodge commercial; of course, I'm probably biased having grown up on a farm.

  3. It's really interesting how different regions of the US responded to these commercials. Coming from California, I honestly just didn't get these commercials much, because it really didn't reasonate with anything I relate to. I thought they were well shot, but that was kind of it for me. It's interesting to see how moved others are by it, though.

  4. Im fom Arizona and have spent ten years in Georgia, all of my years nowhere near a farm. Found the Dodge ad greatly moving anyway...

  5. having grown up on a farm....now owning a dodge truck and a jeep....yes, they both got it right, acknowledging the foundation of this sweet country in which we freely live our lives.

    thank you for this, jess. thank you.


  6. although well made​​, I am averse to advertising, especially when they use the human suffering with principal goal of making money and sell things. The war is real. The suffering that it causes has a huge spiritual dimension and they use it as a banner to sell cars? They should use this same ability and creativity for other purposes.
    Anyway, love you, everything you make and I am your fan.
    I just can not contain myself when I see things like this.
    Hugs to you Rosy.

  7. also,my criticism is not for you, you just feel touched by the message of the return of someone who is beloved, but this capitalist world is very manipulative of emotions with a single purpose which we all know what is..

  8. These are the two that stuck with me the most as well. Definitely tugging at the heart strings.

    Also, I tagged you on my blog to participate in the Liebster blog awards, here are the deets if you want to play along. :)