26 February 2014

Scattered Possibilities

Frisson Necklace
{Sterling, Druzy, Coral, Irradiated Quartz, Guinea Feather}

Frisson - A shiver of pleasure.

Cicurate Ring
{Sterling Silver, Druzy Specimen}

Cicurate - to tame or reclaim from wildness or madness.

Soigné Earrings
{Sterling Silver, Druzy, Citrine, Agate}

Soigné - possessing an aura of sophistication in manner or design;
displayed or built with an elegance attained through care for fine detail.

Love to you.


  1. really???
    you're awesome!

    love and light

  2. The feather design is one of my favorites, I must say. I was just looking at some of your sold work the other night and pining for a pair of those fabulous feather earrings. And I don't know where you go mining for your words, but you always pull out the most amazing vocabulary.
    Love to you, darling.